News Headlines & Craziness

It's been a hectic little run lately on announcements and stories coming out of Washington.  We had Sean Spencer wearing his American Flag pin in the upside down distressed position, and we tried to see if that was a subliminal cry for help or just a simple mistake, but we'll let you be the judge of that.  

In the spirit of that moment, we've created The "Distressed" Tee.  

We also saw quite a bit of news lately about Poll results and popularity standing which is why we created a few Trump Supporter style shirts.  As everyone knows the numbers can and often do lie.  There's been a lot of controversy over these Gallup Poll numbers, but in the end, we know that The Donald got quite a few votes.  At one point the voter claim was very large.  In honor of that we create the 62Million Shirt.


Finally, there was some very funny remarks by Kellyann Conway about wire tapping and spying through household appliances and that's when we created our #Agent 1200w shirt to show that we get it, the listeners could be anywhere!  


Stay tuned each day as we add more headline news and clever designs to match.  

Daily funny T-shirts thanks to our friends in politics.