Without a doubt, every single day, something noteworthy happens, some times more than once a day.  Just this week we've seen news breaking about connections between Russia and more than one politician, we've seen typo's and spelling mistakes, we've seen resignations and we've seen allegations of wire tapping....and it's only Monday.

The news part of this little venture will be the easiest part.  Coming up with witty takes current news and turning them into clever designs also wont be a challenge.  We're pretty much bilingual in English and Sarcasm so channeling that into something creative and funny shouldn't be too hard.  

Where we're likely to drop the ball is technology...We're going to try to do our best to make this an easy place to find what you like, and get it as fast as you want.  Beyond that, if you have suggestions, feel free to throw them our way.

Today we launched the first t-shirt design!  Did it go perfect?  Nope, but we've learned and tomorrow will be better.  Until then.