Bernie Bernie, He's our Man!

Well he almost was our man.  Bernie Sanders was this representative from New York who came onto the candidate field out of no where.  Physically he looked like the only demographic match for him would be the retirement folks out of Arizona or Florida but he surprised us all. He came out of nowhere, this old white haired dude that was hugely popular and extremely likeable.  

He offered common sense, talked about tax reforms, big corporations, and the working class.  He was very popular with the younger crowd, the college kids were a surprising chunk of his followers.  His platform was clean, he was not a mud slinger, he talked about the issues and his plans to fix them, not the people that made the mess in the first place.  In the end he finally lost ground to Hillary but many people still felt he would have had a better run against The Donald than Hillary, who had a lot of baggage going into the final election vote.  

Bernie or Bust!  We'll never know if Bernie could have won the day, but we know for sure he won a lot of our hearts.